Oleificio Cooperativo della Riforma Fondiaria Soc. Coop. Agr.
Via Marche

73045LEVERANO (Le)
Tel. (+39) 0832 925159

E-mail: info@oleificiorfleverano.it




The oil-mill Riforma Fondiaria of Leverano has been established in 1964.

Today the joined members are about 1.100 and the cooperative oil-mill has an olive-grove area of 1.300 hectares with about 83.000 plants of various cultivars, but most of all Ogliarola from Lecce and Cellina from Nardò
The quality and the typicality of the product, the meticulous appliance of the production controls, the careful selection of the fruit which is directly collected straight from the plant during the period of “invaiatura” ( “invaiatura” is the perfect time when the olives are going to change their colour from green to black, nearly about the 70%, before reaching the complete maturation) and the careful treatment copiously applied in each working process, permits the cooperative oil-mill to obtain an oil with a very high quality, full of properties which are precious for our welfare.